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Kludging an MP3 Bookmark

Suppose you, a run of the mill Linux user, just downloaded a very long mp3 – for example a 10 hour mp3 of Cory Doctorow reading The Hacker Crackdown. Naturally you’re not going listen to this in one sitting; but, … Continue reading

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In Algebra, we just finished chapter 10 of Gallian. One of the big theorems in the chapter is the First Isomorphism Theorem – and since I’m a lazy typist I’ll call it FIT from now on. (Isomorphism theorems 2 and … Continue reading

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Since I have to begin somewhere, I might as well start with something I find interesting. Back in the summer of 2005, I participated in an REU; our research group (one of four or so) studied objects called quandles. I’ll … Continue reading

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